Sail To The Moon

Sister Grace are a band based in Manchester with roots stretching from London to Paris. They traverse a diverse range of musical styles with their repertoire including elements of rock, hip-hop, and even hints of Latin American influences. Their songwriting is deeply emotive, and they blend it with a contemporary production style, creating a unique contrast to the traditional “live band” experience. Sister Grace embody everything that the modern boyband should be.

Sail to the Moon" is an emotionally resonant new track by Sister Grace, a Manchester based group that skillfully blends the influences of artists like Radiohead and Nick Drake along with contemporary artists like Tom Odell, resulting in a refreshing take on pop music. The song beautifully showcases their talent for crafting unforgettable melodies accompanied by lyrics that anyone who's been through heartbreak can relate to. Beyond their moving love songs, Sister Grace delves further into concepts of freedom and other more existential subjects in much of their new music while never straying from creating irresistibly catchy tunes. Keep an eye out for this band, and if you're in Manchester, don't miss their eclectic events where they explore a wide range of avant-garde artistic expressions, from music to experimental dance and fashion.