May Payne – Take It Too (Review)

May Payne, is a 21 year old Manchester-based artist, who’s building herself into one of the more prolific artists in the area. May Payne has released her new song titled, ‘Take It Too’. A song that holds a little part of herself in it, going to lengths to explore the nature of herself in a beautifully composed song. May is an artist with a dedicated support behind her boasting over 150,000 streams and over 30,000 followers in her community. May has been garnering this following for some time now by originally posting segments of her music to Instagram, where people could listen to the inner thoughts and emotions. When May started creating music she was only 14. Being the gifted writer and artist that she is, it was just a matter of time before her talent gathered some major attention, especially with a lot of her earlier fans feeling very connected to her, as they followed her progression as an artist.

'Take It Too' is a slower tempo track, that takes a dive into R&B and folk-pop, bearing semblance to the likes of Phoebe Bridgers by using a more modern style but still having classic folk basing. One of the key aspects of May’s music is obviously her incredible voice, which is soft and emotional. This works well with the sad nature that a lot of her songs originate from, the light singing compliments the intimacy of moments such as “When all's been said and done I know I feel used” a message many can align with. Despite May's usual style being mellow and calm she added some serious projection in her voice at certain stages of the tune, an example being “None of this was ever fucking fair” acting as somewhat of a climax prior to the closing stage of the track. May’s voice rings through your head long after listening, sticking with you in the very best way. I simply can't get this song out of my head! There are many quotes from the song that stay with you after listening but for myself it was ‘If you can take it, I can take it too’ the final line in the song. The backing instruments are quite muted, other than in the build-up sections, which lets May’s vocals really shine through as if she were in the room with you. 'Take It Too''Take It Too' is one tune that NEEDS adding to your playlist! Keep up to date with May on Instagram @getamay as there will be so much more coming from this fantastic talent!