If You’re Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better) Review

The brand new single by The Shed Project called ‘If You’re Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better)’ is an acoustic oriented song with feeling and heart. This track is coming off of The Shed Project’s second album which is due to be released in Autumn of 2023. A profound entry in the catalogue of music the band have put out, the song has a soft vocal lead coinciding with a catchy backing. This track is coming out alongside the run up to their first national mini tour, which will see Shed visiting London, Birmingham and Glasgow with supporting DJ ‘MC Tunes’. 

The introspective track tackles the idea of losing a loved one which the words really connect with the listeners, with thought provoking lyrics such as “It never goes away, the pain just stays the same, think everyday the words I’m trying to say” a sentiment masses can relate to. In the latter stages of the song it kicks up a notch with a deep cutting electric guitar, which really grabs your attention when you listen. The meaning and beautiful composition of the song combine for an amazing listen so make sure you check it out!

This track will also be teaming up with ‘Whysup’ a mental health based organisation coming out of Bolton. This is the second time The Shed Project have worked alongside 'Whysup' and the band are big advocates for mental health and addiction, which the song is dedicated to spreading awareness of. As previously mentioned this isn’t the first collaboration between Shed and Whysup as their first song called ‘Bedtime (Whysup)’ another ode to awareness of the struggle that’s affecting a lot of the populous, especially in these current times. Make sure to check out the great work that the charity do at www.whysup.co.uk or on the regular social medias!